The State of Punjab envisions ensuring to its youth a system of higher education that equips them with knowledge and skills. To ensure that youth of Punjab is suitably employed; is able to live a dignified and contented life. It envisions arming its youth with a purposeful education so that each one is capable of contributing productively and positively to the civic life, economic development, and social progress of the State as well as the nation. To that end, the programs and services of higher education must meet the standards of quality, commensurate with the benefits it promises, by being truly accessible to the people in all their diversity and also to make quality the defining element of higher education through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives.

Futuristically, Punjab wishes to use higher education as a tool of positive change in the mind-set of Punjabi youth; encouraging him to be financially independent and socially secure. With the extraordinary pace at which the educational technologies are developing at present, the State of Punjab resolves to march in step with rest of the world. It wishes to make best use of the present and emerging technologies as well as new vistas in different fields of higher education.

It will endeavor to take higher education to door step of each of its youth irrespective of caste, creed and gender.

To bring in subtle but effective changes so that Higher education is available to maximum of its youth.

To improve its quality through better interaction among various stake holders, innovative changes in curriculum and instruction.

To make the institutions of the State more responsive to the needs of the growing economy in particular and society in general, it envisions ushering in institutional autonomy and academic freedom.

To provide a congenial and quality environment to its students through improved infrastructure, better facilities and high quality staff.


MISSION PUNJAB: Quality Education for All

The mission of Government of Punjab is to create an education and training environment that equips learners with desired values, attitudes, knowledge, skills and competencies, particularly in technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, so that they can make informed personal, social and political decisions as citizens of Punjab.

To stimulate the academic environment for the promotion of quality teaching-learning and research in higher education institutions. Training of faculty in creation of instructional design content, implementation of capacity-building measures to adopt technology-mediated pedagogy in classrooms.

To encourage self-evaluation, accountability, autonomy and innovations in higher education. This will be through collaboration with other stakeholders of higher education for quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance.

To undertake overall quality assurance in Education system. More faculty development programs along with improvements in hiring practices and working conditions are expected to lead to enhanced performance of casual and part time academic employees.

Roll-out of institutional Enterprise Resource Planning to computerize the examination wings of all universities, robust online linkage between all affiliating universities and their affiliated colleges, creation of online data collection, and automation of libraries and grant(s) management.